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who are we?

Go Belgium Tours is a group of guides from different countries, with years of experience in guided tours and free visits.

However, the project was born in June 2018 with the aim of enjoying our work even more. While working in large companies, we felt limited with their working conditions, hierarchies and arbitrarily established fees; They did not allow us to take pleasure of what we were doing.

That’s why, we decided to partner in a democratic and cooperative and establish ourselves as an alternative to tourism multinationals and develop quality visits. We want to favor a more sustainable tourism, make known the true Belgium, without tourist clichés and always with the best humor. Always trying to offer a visit as interactive and personalized as possible.

In this way, each of us, mixing history, art, local culture and anecdotes, we want our guests to be an active part not only of our tours, but also of multicultural Belgium!

Our tours and our philosophy

A good tour consists of several elements: A prepared guide, a good atmosphere, a good mix of historical data and curiosities about city life; Without forgetting, of course, the participation and the questions of the visitors! This is how we always try to make our visits take place.


Beyond that we try to promote a series of values within the world of FREE WALKING TOUR and tourist visits, to try to promote a more sustainable and fair tourism for workers but also for the tourist of the 21st century.

Our friends around the world

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Free tour Athena offers you the best way to discover the capital of Gracia, Athens, with the best Spanish-speaking guides and no commercial tricks.

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Cambridge free tours is a project that was born in June 2018 to show visitors to the famous university city of Cambridge.

Marseille, France

Our colleagues from Marseille Free Tours will make you discover the largest city in the French Mediterranean.

Budapest, Hungria

GoZeppelin Tours te ofrece una visión de Budapest distinta a la que otras empresas te ofrecerán. No solo se tratará fechas y los monumentos más celebres de la ciudad… si no de arte, política, religión y de las historias más polémicas del país.

Vilnius, Lithuania

As the name implies, Vilnius with locals is the best way to get to know the capital of Lithuania with experienced and local guides. 

Montpellier, France

Montpellier Free Tour will reveal the secrets of this city in the south of France.

Lisboa, Portugal

Discover the real Lisbon with free tours by locals

Florence, Italy

Florence best free walking tours, private guided tours and one-day excursions under request

Tours around the world

Quito, Equador

Kanakkuna Experiences will take you through all the corners and stories of Quito, from the most touristic center to the secrets of the colonial city.