Here you will find the answer to the most frequently asked questions we receive from the Go Belgium Tours guides.

Frequently asked Questions

The FAQ section (Frequently Asked Questions) is here to answer some of the questions that Go Belgium Tours guides’ get. If you do not find an answer or you want to know more, you can write to us in the contact section

Good question, a FREE walking TOUR is a somewhat recent concept that came to revolutionize the sector of guided tours and tourism. We should translate it as free (Free as Freedom) tour, or as a “pay-what-you-want tour”.

Most of our tours do not have a base price, but depending on your satisfaction, it’s you the one who decides how much it was worth… So it will allow you to compensate the guide with what you think is fair, neither more nor less!

That is a delicate question. It is not possible to give an exact price since this would go against the FREE contribution system itself. However, think about the average cost of a movie ticket, a museum or two drinks in a cafe.

We all love to spend our holidays abroad: discover new countries, eat new food, enjoy different ways of life… However, sometimes uncontrolled and mass tourism ends up bothering locals. We believe that it is necessary to promote a model of tourism that allows both the local and the visitor to enjoy the cities.

Thus, reducing the maximum number per guide to 25 people, we will achieve two things:

  1. Better coexistence among us all
  2. A much more personal experience and adapted to the taste of visitors

FREE WALKING TOURS are aimed at everyone interested in knowing more about Belgium and its culture. The guides, within each one’s own style, always try to adapt themselves to the group by offering the information that may be most relevant to visitors.

Absolutely NOT, however it must be taken into account that people with reservations will have priority.

Normally we wait five to ten minutes for all visitors to arrive, In case you cannot make it out just text us on whatsapp or give us a call.

In that case, you can write an email:


So that another person can take your place

If you have a reservation, it is advisable to come about 10 minutes before the start time of the tour, so that we can start on time.

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