TOP 5 french fries in Brussels

French fries the jewel in the crown of Belgian gastronomy: crispy and golden on the outside, tender on the inside. The size, the variety of potato, the frying time; everything influences to obtain a perfect Frite, discover the best Brussels fries in this post.

If we asked the people of Brussels which are the best fries in the city we would get hundreds of different answers, however in this post we present you our selection of the 5 best friterias in Brussels:

1. Maison Antoine

Place Jourdan 16, 1040 Etterbeek

We cannot start our list with the famous Maison Antoine. Founded in 1948 by Antoine Desment, who thanks to his skills and hard work soon turned Maison Antoine into a reference . Today, it is the third generation that runs this Fritkot, which, according to the New York Times, has “The best fries in the world“. In addition, all the bars on the square, allow you to eat your fries while tasting a real Belgian beer!

Frites Antoine

Las mejores patas del mundo según el New York Times / Foto de : Nan Palmero

2. Frit’Flagey

Place Flagey 1, 1050 Ixelles

Another historic place is Frit‘Flagey, located on Flagey Square, a meeting point for Brussels students and workers of the European institutions. The long lines at Frit’flagey promise good fries

TIP: Eat your fries while you visit the ponds of Ixelles and discover the Art Deco architecture of the neighborhood.


Foto por : Tjeerd Wiersma

3. Friterie de la Berriere

Avenue du Parc 5, 1060 Saint-Gilles

An institution in the commune of Saint-Gilles, the Friterie de la Barrière has been preparing fries from fresh potatoes since 1960. In addition to the fries, the Friterie de la Barriere has a good selection of snacks and an interesting selection of sauces. Definitely a must-try, to be combined with a good beer in the Verschuren café.

4. Friterie St. Josse Chez Palma

Place Saint-Josse 1, 1210 Saint-Josse-ten-Noode

Located in front of the neo-baroque church of Saint Josse, Chez palma has been rated by experts as one of the best places to taste the famous Belgian fries.

5. Friterie de la Chapelle

Place de la Chapelle 15, 1000 Bruxelles

Located between the Marolles district, the rebellious and working class district par excellence, and the Sablon, meeting point of some of the highest incomes of Brussels, is the Friterie de la Chapelle. Here you can find excellent potatoes with a selection of very interesting sauces and at a good price, not to mention the famous “mitraillete”.


As five Fritkots are not enough, we have decided to add two more for the hungry visitors.

6. PATATAK, Vegetarian and vegan potatoes.

As is well known, Belgian fries are not vegetarian since they are fried in beef fat instead of oil. However, at PATATAK you can enjoy vegan fries. But there’s more: If after visiting all the places on the list you don’t feel like fries anymore, at PATATAK you will also find fried sweet potato fries and a selection of innovative homemade sauces.

7. Tabora, fries for the night-owls.

The friterie Tabora, located one minute away from the Grand Place and the Brussels Stock Exchange never fails. From 11 am until 6 am the next day we can taste their frites or snacks accompanied by one of its more than 40 different sauces. Tabora is undoubtedly a classic in Brussels at night.

El mejor lugar para tomar unas buenas frites belgas a mitad de la noche

Map of the best fries in Brussels

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